Music Legend Paul Anka

Paul_Anka1In the launch episode of the Unedited podcast, host Francois Marchand chats with pop and swing legend Paul Anka about how much the music business has changed since the 1960s, his relationship with The Beatles, Las Vegas, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, Michael Bublé and venturing into the future with his hologram company ARHT Media.

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  • After your help I got it! I found the conversation extremely interesting and the questions challenging.

  • I was fortunate to hear this “legend” as a young man in 58. I, along with millions, recognized the immense energy and charisma that emanated from his stage appearance.He was my first and I hope will be my last concert. I still try to catch one of his concerts when he appears close and I am not surprised but amazed at the quality of all of his shows. He also has a wonderful orchestra backing him everywhere he goes. Paul Anka is a master of creativity and a shrewd business man with a generosity to his public that transcends all along. His audiences love him everywhere and are extremely thankful he still cares and love to perform. Merci beaucoup for this interview we can hear in lieu of hearing Paul face to face. His music will be eternal!!!!!! Thanks and God bless

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