Oral sex and throat cancer

Michael Douglas recently attributed his throat cancer to the HPV virus, contracted during oral sex.Hollywood actor Michael Douglas recently told a newspaper journalist the cause of his throat cancer was HPV, a common sexually transmitted virus, contracted during oral sex.

It was shocking for many, but he was correct. Oral sex CAN, in rare cases, lead to throat cancer. And it’s a disease that’s growing.

In this frank and full discussion with Pamela Fayerman, medical experts from the BC Cancer agency tell you everything you need to know.

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  • The natural sexual act for humans has always been genital to genital between male and female. Violate that principle(natural as well as moral) and you reap the consequences.

  • Michael Douglas is showing great dis-respect to his wife by implying he got throat cancer from her – his latest oral sex partner – unless he has a hidden mistress.

    For God’s sake, the man lives in Los Angeles where simply breathing the air is equal to smoking 1 to 2 packages of cigarette a month.

    It is a shame that Douglas and the Vancouver Sun are pandering to such nonsense.

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