Rhododendron King Joe Ronsley

Joe RonsleySteve’s guest is Joe Ronsley, former president of Vancouver Rhododendron Society and also ex-president of the Species Rhododendron Foundation in Washington State.

For almost 30 years Joe lived in Montreal where he taught English at McGill University, concentrating on Irish literature, especially the works of James Joyce.

After retiring he came to live in a beautiful Lions Bay, British Columbia woodland property. Over the years he has turned the two-acre site into one of the best rhododendron gardens in B.C.

Joe Ronsley

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  • I found Joe Ronsley’s interview extremely interesting and enlightening. He has so much experience and knowledge of gardening, and he shares valuable information. I like his view of a garden as a landscape – not just flowerbeds. His woodland garden sounds exquisite, with the mix of trees and flowers, including rhododendrons and azaleas. Thanks to Steve Whysall for the interview.


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