John Schroeder of Valleybrook Garden

John SchroederIn the second episode of In The Garden Steve chats with John Schroeder, owner of Valleybrook Gardens in Abbotsford, one of the biggest suppliers of perennials in North America. They discuss the top 10 perennials for 2013, new trends in gardening both in Canada and worldwide, and how home gardeners can get a bigger bang for their buck by using totally reliable, bullet-proof perennials in the garden as well as in containers. Valleybrook is better known to home gardeners for its brand name Heritage Perennials which are sold in distinctive blue pots. The company promotes its brand with the words, Good Things Come Out of the Blue. John has repeatedly shown his skills not only as a knowledgeable plantsman with a knack for introducing new and exciting perennials, but also as a creative and consummate marketing wizard with a knack for recognizing trends and developing programs to meet the specific needs of gardeners, something he did with great success with his Jeepers Creepers (low down and fun to grow) groundcovers and Rock Stars (plants for rockeries and containers.) Flowers music_credit

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