Gary Lewis of Phoenix Perennials

Gary LewisGary Lewis is the owner of Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Nursery in Richmond and one of B.C. most knowledgeable plant experts with a deep and special interest in rare and unusual herbaceous perennials. His cottage-garden nursery on No. 6 Road in Richmond is one of Canada's top perennials nurseries, carrying more than 4,000 different garden plants. Gary says his goal is to concentrate on acquiring specialty plants, particularly on what he calls "cutting edge new perennials and garden stalwarts." The nursery is also promoted as carrying “a knock out selections of vines, shrubs, unusual trees, groundcovers, alpines, hardy and non-hardy succulents, grasses, ferns, herbs, rare and heirloom veggies and fruit, and much more.” Steve_and_GaryThis is perhaps why it is sometimes referred to by the loyal following of gardeners who shop there as a "candy store" of plants treasures. In addition to his work as a busy nurseryman, Gary is also a popular garden lecturer, director on the board of the international Perennial Plant Association, member of the Great Plant Picks committee in Washington State and organizer of various garden workshops and seminars. For more gardening information read Steve's blog on itg_apr11_footer music_credit

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