How to live to be 100

live to be 100

Host Randy Shore is joined by Sun personal health reporter Erin Ellis and SFU gerontologist Andrew Wister to discuss the keys to living long and living well.

What can you do to extend your life? How happy will you be in old age? These answers and more.

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  • Great discussion… Lots to Ponder. Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion!

  • I doubt very many people wish to live to be 100 unless:
    a) house owned, paid for, and all monthly bills covered
    b) enough extra $ to travel and have hobbies, maintain a car etc.
    c) some friends or relatives or a mate to share it with
    d) decent health to enjoy A, B, and C.
    Otherwise it would just be more difficult years spent on
    a over crowded, increasingly tetchy planet.
    ALSO: From a ecological point of view, having people live to age 100
    means a longer period of time taking resources from the planet, per person. Can you imagine if Gramps worked until he was 95 and ‘Junior’ STARTED on the career ladder at say age 70. See what I mean? Someone has to leave earth to make way for generations behind them. It seems nature has that figured out which is why human tinkering with lifespans will be a disaster on so many levels.

    • I agree with your points A-D, Mr. Mak is living well on all points (not knowing his finances, he is not living on welfare).

      Human’s “tinkering” here has to do with Mr. Mak’s engaging in life’s struggles and giving back for over 40 years of volunteering and assisting others. There is no loss of work for younger ones.

      Human tinkering includes genocide and other atrocities.
      This doesn’t mean that we should stop seeking and implementing ways of increasing the quality of life, which is the point I believe you are making.

      If only more took up life’s challenges as opportunities to grow and not become resource mongers (emotionally, intellectually, physically and psychicly) you would find more resources and joy.

      Google / YouTube “Team Hoyt” for a view of TWO heroic men who’ve helped not only themselves in dealing with the challenges of life, but who have inspire others to do the same.

      May we all be blessed with all four of your points plus a daily joy in living.

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