Brad Popovich of Genome BC

popovichHost Randy Shore welcomes the chief scientific officer of Genome BC, Brad Popovich to talk about Brad's own experience before and after having his entire genome sequenced. We learn a little about the implications of this powerful new technology and about the mysteries the test revealed about Brad himself. From the website:
Brad Popovich completed his MS degree in Genetic Counseling from Sarah Lawrence College in 1978 and became one of the first genetic counselors to immigrate to Canada. He went on to complete an MSc and PhD in biochemical and molecular genetics at McGill University, completing his postdoctoral training in Nobel Laureate Oliver Smithies’ laboratory. After completing his graduate and postdoctoral training, Brad became the founding director of the San Diego Children's Hospital DNA Diagnostic Laboratory in 1989 and was responsible for the translation of several new genetic research findings into clinical practice. He was also a pioneer in the forensic use of DNA while in San Diego, and his laboratory was the first in the US to offer solely DNA-based paternity testing.
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