Jeff and Sue Turner: Behind The Lens

jeff_sue_turnerJeff and Sue Turner, residents of Princeton, BC, have been producing nature documentaries for 30 years, for broadcasters such as BBC and PBS. Jeff and Sue speak with Gone Wild host Larry Pynn about some of their greatest experiences around the globe, how they get those special images, and the ethics of filming wild animals. Their latest venture, the four-part series, Wild Canada, debuts Thursday, March 13, on CBC.


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  • congrats on your interview and insight to your world. thanks for visions of nature.

    best wishes,hope to meet you sometime.

    Bettina & Mark Wong ,osprey lake b.c.

  • Hey Jeff and Sue..

    Nice work you guys have done I try to keep posted but it’s not always that easy you two are on the go.

    Last time I was over in Beaver Creek area there, I was at the ranch with a friend who worked there and I couldn’t believe that I actually saw and filmed a porcupine hahaha I didn’t think we had them in the area.

    Ever do any doc’s on cryptozoology? I had a Sasquatch sigting some years back just off the Coquihalla about 40k’s east of Merritt so I was just wondering.

    Keep up the good work.

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