Dr. Richard Hebda

Richard Hebda2Host Larry Pynn chats with Dr. Richard Hebda, a curator (Botany and Earth History) at the Royal British Columbia Museum for more than 34 years and an adjunct professor (Biology, Earth and Ocean Sciences) at the University of Victoria for 30 years. Dr. Hebda implemented and coordinated the Restoration of Natural Systems Program at the University and served as the Province of B.C.’s expert advisor/author leading to the purchase (all levels of government) of globally unique Burns Bog. With his graduate students, he has written 120+ scientific papers on vegetation and climate history of British Columbia, ethnobotany of BC First Nations, climate change, restoration of natural systems and processes, ecology of alpine ecosystems and botany of grasses. For non-government organizations (Yellowstone to Yukon, CPAWS) he has written reports on conservation and climate change. He is (co)author of 250+ popular articles, two books and a best-selling guide to edible fruits and berries. He serves as the Province of BC’s science advisor in Paleontology and helped protect major fossil beds and craft the Province’s fossil management framework. He received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his service in paleontology.

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