diglife_top_bannerGillian Shaw is a journalist with The Vancouver Sun and Postmedia News. She writes on Digital Life, focusing on technology issues and trends online and off that affect our life, whether at work or play. Gillian ShawShe is a sought after commentator on the evolutionary effects of social media on the lives of ordinary people, politicians, industry and government. Nothing has changed the operation of the media industry so quickly or profoundly as the emergence of social media and Gillian has kept the Vancouver Sun’s readers abreast of this changing and challenging world. Gillian joined the Sun in 1980 as a general assignment reporter winning a coveted National Newspaper Award in 1982 as part of the Vancouver Sun’s team covering the Clifford Robert Olson killings. She would later serve in the Sun’s Victoria bureau reporting on provincial politics before being appointed as the Sun’s business editor. Missing the contact of the front-line journalist with the world outside, Gillian returned to writing in 1994 just as social media was beginning to make its presence felt. Besides writing and blogging for the Vancouver Sun, Gillian’s opinions are often sought by other media outlets such as Corus Radio’s CKNW and Calgary Today and has been an invited speaker to numerous conventions and panels.
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