Confessions of a Vancouver lifestyle blogger

Marc Smith, loving life after a lifestyle change

Marc Smith, loving life after a lifestyle change

Vancouver's Marc Smith had been an event planner for more than 13 years when he decided it was time for a change. While he was more adept at choosing Chardonnay than creating code, he didn't that stop him from launching a new web-based career.

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  • Hard to say ‘lifestyle’ and Vancouver’ in the same sentence without laughing. Vancouver has been consistently polled as the most depressed, loneliest, most cases of mental illness and alcoholism, least friendly, hard to break in to, least cultured ( no music , art, dance, galleries or museums), most violent, most unaffordable, most corrupted by civic employees ( police chief Jimmy C makes more ( $114,000 more) than the chief of NYC…$200K p/y skytrain cops.. Mayors advisors making more than Barack Obama) etc etc.) There are more visible homeless than any city in the developed world. The DTES is a disgrace of drug use in broad daylight…and when the Guardian newspaper reported on this during the Olympics Vancouver went insane, campaigning in Europe, taking out ads to promote tourism and publicly admonishing the Guardian for the ‘attack’. I read comments by reporters like, envious, covetous, greedy, rascist etc…to describe the city “that masquerades as a city when it’s barely a strip mall in size”. I get all that from the Vancouver Sun… no I don’t live there..but used to. I was shocked when the Dept of the Enviornment and the Suzuki foundation had to take Vancouver to court over the dumping of 800 million liters of raw sewage and hospital waste into English Bay every single day….( Vanc lost the case btw..but has yet to do anything about the effluent) ….Suzuki pointed out the 99% of ground fish in the water show signs of pre-cancerous lesions…yummy. I wrote about my disatisfaction and now recieve regular spamming from Public Relations wings of different levels of government including the mayors office….. I haven’t even scratched the surface of public knowledge being suppressed by the media on behalf of the city and provincial bureaucrats…..maybe instead of ‘lifestyle’ you should become the new Mr Floatie. At least people would respect you for telling the truth.

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