Symantec Threat Researcher Candid Weest

Candid WuesstDDoS amplification attacks continue to increase as attackers experiment with new protocols. Host Gillian Shaw and Symantec Threat Researcher Candid Wueest, author of a whitepaper entitled The continued rise of DDoS attacks, discuss the use of DDoS attacks as a personal or political weapon. From
From January to August 2014, Symantec has seen a 183 percent increase in DNS amplification attacks, making it the most popular method seen by Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network. Amplification DDoS attacks using NTP were prominent in Q1, but have since been steadily decreasing. This may be due to various people upgrading and reconfiguring their servers. Attackers are also experimenting with other protocols like the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMPv2) or, as seen in September, the Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP). Multiple methods are often used by attackers in order to make mitigation difficult and, to make matters worse, DDoS attack services can be hired for less than US$10 on underground forums.

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