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Cambodia’s Hun Sen

Hun Sen has ruled Cambodia since 1985 and one of his favourite campaign tactics is to warn voters there will be civil war if they are foolish enough to defeat him.

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California Super Power Summit

China’s President Xi Jinping and his American counterpart Barack Obama begin two days of meetings in California with hopes of avoiding the historic conflicts between rising and established super powers uppermost in their minds.

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Tiananmen Square

In the 24 years since Chinese troops crushed pro-reform demonstrations in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square and other city centres, the late-night vigil every June 4 in Hong Kong has become an affirmation of the territory’s identity. The mass rallies in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park commemorate the students and others killed by Chinese troops.

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Turkey: Riots and Unrest

The suicide of a Tunisian fruit vendor was the unlikely spark for the underlying anger and discontent that exploded into the Arab Spring, but in Turkey it is a highly symbolic piece of urban planning that has lit the fuse.

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A Shift in Syria’s War

Both on the battlefield and in the corridors of diplomacy the civil war in Syria has begun to go the way of besieged President Bashar al-Assad. His troops are gaining ground against rebels in the south of the country and he has been dealt a strong hand of cards in the run-up to a United States and Russian sponsored peace conference due to be hold in Geneva in June.

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Saudi Funding Fuels Jihadist Terror

The ultimate responsibility for recent atrocities like the Boston marathon bombing and the butchering last week of an off-duty British soldier is very clear.

It belongs to Saudi Arabia.

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Zimbabwe’s New Constitution

Zimbabwe’s president of 33 years, Robert Mugabe, on Wednesday signed a new constitution which many believe offers the southern African country its first real hope for political and economic revival.

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The Gentrification of Berlin

The gentrification of rundown city neighbourhoods in a matter of anxiety and outrage worldwide as well as in Vancouver. Recent issues in Berlin have developed into a bitter campaign with neo-Nazi overtones.

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Territorial Dispute

Why and where Taiwanese fisherman Hung Shih-cheng was killed last week is still unclear, but his death is a brutally vivid illustration of how quickly the competing territorial claims in the Far East can turn to bloodshed.

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